Love At First Stretch

September 14, 2018

yoga mat

I’ve always kept a close eye on fads – you know, those shiny new objects that claim to be the solution to all your fears and problems? There’s a thing or two (or hundreds) out there for weight loss, severe hair fall, blemished skin, smarter kids, better productivity. Superfoods is a gold mine for fads. Bone broth protein for your morning smoothie, anyone?

I can spot a new fad a mile away. When I do, I turn around and run away as quickly as I discovered it. I’m no personal finance expert, but I have a feeling this little action alone makes saving up for the ‘big’ things easier. It’s also the way I simplify my life. Yes, life isn’t always simple, but I do believe that everything in it can be simplified and being conscious of what I buy into is one way.

Yoga has always been on my fad radar from the moment I heard about it. It’s a four-letter word after all. By then, all the gyms were offering yoga classes to members, neighbourhood community centres were onboard too, and dedicated yoga studios were popping up everywhere in Singapore. For every 10 people I knew, 4 of them would be into yoga. When something is 40% popular, I count it a fad and mentally strike it off my attention.

Finally, it got my attention. 3 weeks ago.

I was at Trader Joe’s for my weekly groceries. Just as I was about to head home, I caught sight of the sign ‘Club Pilates’ from the corner of my eyes. I haven’t been thinking about Pilates, but something about that sign and the inconspicuous doors got me curious enough to get out of my car again and walk over there. I was greeted by a friendly woman at the front desk and the 20 Pilates reformers lined up behind her. Pilates isn’t on my fad radar; Pilates is different from yoga. So I was open to it. I left with a trial class scheduled for the following Monday.

For something that I wasn’t even thinking about prior to seeing the sign, I was surprisingly excited for Monday.

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