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One Word and Goals for 2016

January 31, 2016
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2016, I promise you…

I see your confused face there, and I bet you’re thinking who sets goals at the end of January?

Due to the craziness that ensues from and leading up to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in January every year, I never have the time in Nov/Dec to reflect and set my new year resolutions until after CES. I’ve participated in CES 3 years in a row now, so setting goals throughout January instead of by Jan.01 has pretty much become my thing. Doing it in January is also more enjoyable and less stressful for me because everyone else is no longer talking about it. Yes, all the talk about new year resolutions on blogs, websites, social media, magazines, among friends and family, stresses me out! It’s not that I don’t enjoy setting new goals and checking in on my “life plan”. In fact, I love doing it! I just don’t like doing it when everyone else (and their dog) is doing it. I don’t know why. It’s alright if you’re reading with the one-eyebrow-up-huh? look now. I’ve accepted that I’m kinda weird, so you won’t hurt my feelings thinking it.

Now that I’ve attempted to justify why I’m so far behind on new year goals, let’s get down to it.

My one word for 2016 came to me last week: PRESENT.

In 2015, my days felt like a blur of unintentional activities. I’m always looking at my schedule, checking the time, thinking and rushing to the next item/appointment.

In 2016, I hope PRESENT reminds me to savour each moment one at a time, like a gift/present. I could regret yesterday, be worried about tomorrow and completely miss the here and now, but do you see how this could easily become a vicious cycle? When tomorrow comes, I will regret not having been present today, be worried about the following day and completely miss everything tomorrow. And then repeat 365 times.

With PRESENT in the back of my mind, I set my 2016 goals. To be PRESENT, I figured I would have to let go of the rigid boundaries I set for myself and just try a little more of this and a little less of that, throwing the ‘SMART approach’ to goal-setting out the window for just one year. Alongside the plans that I’ve set for the year ahead, I promise 2016 these six things:

I PROMISE TO MOVE MORE | I intend to incorporate more active minutes throughout my day (sprinting to the toilet counts, doing squats in the pantry while waiting for water to boil for my tea counts, brisk-walking everywhere counts). I intend to run twice a week and sports climb once a week.

I PROMISE TO PROCRASTINATE LESS. At work, I intend to have only 3 mission-critical tasks per day and will tackle those items first in the morning before checking my inbox and responding to e-mails. At home, I will focus on 1 meaningful project per week, spreading tasks out over weekday evenings and weekends. (I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam completely changed how I look at my week, highly recommended.)

I PROMISE TO CREATE MORE. I want to create new friendships and strengthen existing relationships. I want to create more blog posts. I want to create art. I want to complete my friend’s wedding scrapbook album.

I PROMISE TO SCROLL LESS. I hope this means spending less time on Instagram, BlogLovin’, Pinterest and Facebook. I hope this means reading more books. I hope this means listening to more podcasts. My promise to scroll less is closely linked to my desire to create more and learn more.

I PROMISE TO LEARN MORE. I want to expand my skills and knowledge in marketing & business development, strategy, innovation, arts, design and history.

I PROMISE TO SPEND LESS. I want to stop buying stuff that are just good to have or nice to have. I will first save before spending every month.

What have you promised for 2016? What have you promised to bring to the next 11 months?

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