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Growth Personal

One Word and Goals for 2016

2016, I promise you… MORE MOVING LESS PROCRASTINATING MORE CREATING LESS SCROLLING MORE LEARNING LESS SPENDING I see your confused face there, and I bet you’re thinking who sets goals at the end of January? Due to the craziness that ensues from and leading…

January 31, 2016
27th Birthday Cake
Growth Personal

27 Things I Learned In 27 Years

I turned 27 in July. This means I’m officially passed my mid-20s, but not yet in my late-20s. This is a strange age to be at, and it feels exciting and terrifying all at once. I’ve learned a few things along the way, wanna know…

November 29, 2015
Everything Else Growth Personal

Just Start. Take Two.

“The best way to GET STARTED is to quit talking and begin DOING.” – Walt Disney I could think of a million-and-one reasons why today shouldn’t be the day I “officially” launch my blog. (1) The blog banner is still a work-in-progress (2) I’m not completely…

November 26, 2015